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Welcome to Molldeli’s

Good Food Served Here

But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. You see, we’ve always believed good food speaks for itself. Here at Molldeli’s, our helpings are generous and our ingredients are fresh – sourced only from the best local vendors. So good food is something you can expect.

Our menu offers a wide variety of items from which to choose. From sandwiches to desserts and pizzas, we’ve got something for even the pickiest of tastes.

We hope your Molldeli’s experience is nothing short of delicious.

We Deliver

$15 minimum please.

Fast and with a smile, we’ll get your order to your doorstep for you to enjoy from the comforts of your couch. Take a look at our menu. Then call 314-729-1800 to order.

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Our Menu


Just a few of our favorite to whet the appetites of you and yours. We’re partial to it all, but the toasted ravs and cheese bites are something special.

Handmade T-Ravs

8 for 6.99 / 20 for 15.99 / 40 for 29.99 // meat sauce

Steak Fries

2.25 // add cheese and bacon // 1.50 xtra

Chicken Strips

4 for 6.99 // choose honey mustard / ranch / bbq

Macaroni Bites

6 for 4.25 / 10 for 6.99 // choose marinara / ranch

Garlic Cheese Bread




romaine lettuce/ bacon/ tomato/ blue cheese dressing

Molldeli’s House

romaine lettuce / green onions / diced red peppers / provel cheese / vinegar and oil
6.99    add grilled chicken for 1.99


romaine lettuce / parmesan cheese / croutons / caesar dressing / add chicken for 1.99
6.99    add grilled chicken for 1.99


romaine lettuce / feta cheese / olives / red onion / cucumbers / tomatoes / pepperoncinis / greek dressing
8.49    add grilled chicken for 1.99


romaine lettuce / ham / salami / turkey / bacon / provel / tomatoes / croutons / ranch

Buffalo Chicken Salad

romaine lettuce  / bacon / green onions / provel cheese/ house-made croutons / choose breaded or grilled chicken breast tossed in hot sauce / blue cheese dressing


soup du jour



We use only the freshest of ingredients and roast many of our meats daily.  All sandwiches come with chips or cold pasta salad. 

Bread choices

Choose french, country white, wheat or marble rye.

Wraps also available for any sandwich.

Any sandwich on garlic cheese bread add .99

Cheese Choices

Choose provel, swiss, pepperjack, mozzarella, cheddar or american


kettled cooked regular,  bbq, jalepeno or salt  and vinegar  1.25

Molldeli Special

spicy capocolla / volpi salami / mortadella  / giardiniera / tomato / lettuce / mozzarella / french bread // 8.49

The Cubano

slow roasted pork shoulder/genoa salami/ham/fontina/swiss/yellow mustard/dill pickle/ pressed panini style// 9.49

Spicy Salami

volpi cotto salami/ pepperjack/ spicy giardinera/ chipotle aioli/ wheat hogie// 8.49

Italian Beef

housemade roast beef in au jus/ giardinera/ mozzarella/ garlic cheese bread// 8.99

Philly Steak

choose steak or chicken / onions / peppers / french bread / pick your cheese // 8.99

The Reuben

corned beef (roasted in house) / swiss cheese / sauerkraut and 1000 island dressing on rye bread // 8.49

Shrimp Po Boy

breaded shrimp / lettuce / tomato / house-made sauce / french bread // 8.49

The Gus Deluxe

volpi salami / ham / roast beef / provel / peperoncini / lettuce / tomato / thousand island /french bread  // 8.49

Veggie Sandwich

lettuce / provel / tomato / red onions / cucumbers / green peppers / pick dressing // 6.99

Chicken Club

deli sliced fried chicken / molldeli’s special sauce / lettuce / tomato  / bacon/ provel cheese //  8.49

French Dip Roast Beef

roast beef  (roasted in house) / french bread / aujus / pick cheese // 8.49

Chicken Salad

made in house / lettuce / tomato / french bread // 6.99

Ham & Cheese – pick hot or cold

smoked ham / french bread / your choice of cheese/ add garnishes  // 7.49


bacon / lettuce / tomato / mayo / french bread // 7.49


roasted in house daily turkey breast / pick cheese / add garnishes // 8.49

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

breaded or grilled chicken tossed in hot sauce / provel / lettuce / tomato / french bread // 8.49

Turkey Bacon Ranch

roasted in house daily turkey breast / crispy bacon / ranch / lettuce / tomato // 8.49


CONSUMER ADVISORY:  Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

*prices subject to change*


Kids’ Menu – 12 years or younger

Includes drink and chips.

Kid’s  Ham or Turkey Sandwich

all natural ham or turkey  / pick cheese / add garnishes // 4.99

Kid’s Grilled Cheese


Kid’s Mini Pizza

5.99 // choose one topping

Kid’s Chicken Strips

2 for 5.99 // choose honey mustard / ranch / bbq

Combos Meals

Pick Two

any ½ sandwich (some specialty sandwiches excluded)/ cup of soup or small salad / choose caesar or house // 8.99

Pizza and Salad

small one topping pizza and small salad / choose caesar or house // 8.99

Specialty Pizza

If sandwiches are what we hang our hats on, this is what we hang our aprons on. Expect a St. Louis- style pizza pie that’s top notch.

small for7.99,  medium for 13.49,  large for 16.99

Meat Lovers

pepperoni / sausage / hamburger / bacon / canadian bacon

Molldeli’s Deluxe

sausage / mushrooms / bacon / onions / green pepper/provel

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

chicken / hot sauce / mozzarella / choose drizzled ranch or blue cheese

Veggie Pizza

mushrooms / green peppers / onions / black olives / tomatoes


Build Your Own Pizza

Small One Topping for 6.49

additional toppings .99

Medium One-Topping for 9.99

additional toppings 1.49

Large one-topping for 11.99

additional toppings 1.99

Available toppings

bacon / banana peppers / hamburger / black olives / extra cheese / ham / mushroom / red onion / pepperoni  / red peppers / tomatoes / sausage /



Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite / Root Beer / Dr. Pepper / raspberry iced tea /unsweetened iced tea / sweetened iced tea / lemonade
medium for 1.50 / large 2.00


small 1.50,  large 2.00

Bottled Water


Beer (Domestic and Imported)

Budweiser / Bud Light / Bud Select / Amber Bock / Shock Top //


chardonnay / white zinfandel / merlot / moscato


We know, “you shouldn’t.” But c’mon. “You should!” Treat yourself with something sweet. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Homemade Brownies


Fresh-Baked Cookies


Gooey-Butter Squares



WE CATER TOO!  Sandwich platters, party subs, box lunches and more!

Call 314-729-1800 or come by during business hours.

Click here to download our catering menu




Specials and Coupons

Holiday Catering!

Molldeli’s is perfect for your Holiday Parties and Family Gatherings.  Schedule your order and

Receive 10% off any catering order of $50.00 or more.

Expires 01/02/2015

Please print and present coupon at the time of purchase.

Holiday Catering!

Molldeli’s is perfect for your Holiday Parties and Family Gatherings.  Schedule your order and

Receive 10% off any catering order of $50.00 or more.

Expires 01/02/2015

Please print and present coupon at the time of purchase.

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